时上空间致力于中国设计创意产业发展,提倡"创新” “策划” “元素” ,开辟多元化的创意产业业务,通过自身建立的完善的市场系统导向,牢牢掌握最前沿的市场资讯,同时通过庞大的资源库。为客户带来最佳的解决方案。


                   AT was founded in early 2014, and always adhered to the symbiosis of heterogeneous culture, the symbiosis of people and technology, the symbiosis between the interior and the outside, and the symbiosis between man and nature. As the core idea of the company's design and development, the goal is to be China's top design and creative research and development enterprise, along the line of continuous innovation and development. With the "essential business strategy, the best solution, the service that makes you satisfied" as the core of the company's development, and through the entire creation, planning and operation services.

Time-oriented space focuses on the introduction and reuse of talents. In the development of the past year, it has accumulated many top-level multi-design elites. In the long march, the time and space always adhere to the talent mechanism of personal value, and create and provide the most suitable space and platform for individuals to attract and enter a large number of talents. And leave our works and footprints in many places across the country.

Time Space is committed to the development of China's design and creative industries, advocating "innovation", "planning" and "element", opening up a diversified creative industry business, and firmly grasping the most cutting-edge market information through its well-established market system guidance. Through a huge resource library. Bring the best solution for your customers.

The innovative concept of the future design from the time space has attracted many well-known enterprises and celebrities to develop together and form the most close strategic cooperation advisory group, which provides a strong support for the development of the space.

In 2017, he participated in the Zhejiang Satellite TV "Almighty Renovation Home" program.